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One Stop Home
Construction Service
since 1996

25+ Years
of Experience

Winning Architects

We craft your dream home

 Hassle-free turnkey home construction: Your all-in-one design and build company



Our team of Award-winning architects work meticulously to bring life to your dream home.



Our in-house execution team with 25+ years of experience Strive to give you a quality home at honest prices.



Sit back and relax while our and architects closely monitor the progress, quality and budgets.

Why choose us 

25+ Years
of Experience

Award Winning  Architects

Construction Team

Compliant Houses

24 Months Warranty Against Defects

5 Years Trusted
Brand Warranty

On time 
Project Completion

and Unique Designs

Help In Permits
and Sanctioning

300+ Certified Quality Checks


Convenient Client

Six simple steps to your signature home.

Discover the epitome of luxury living with our exquisite home designs that combine elegance, functionality, and timeless appeal. From stunning interiors to captivating exteriors, we specialize in creating spaces that reflect your unique personality and enhance your lifestyle.

Free consultation meeting

Meet one of our senior architects who will discuss and understand your home requirements and preferences. We will then advice you on the appropriate package which will best suit your budget followed by a preliminary cost estimate.

Sit back and watch your dream abode come to life.

"Choose us for a hassle free home building process"

Featured House of the Month.

A crafted home in RMV 2nd stage, Bengaluru

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Canvas of Happiness: Meet some of our happy home owners.

A satisfied client is the highest reward for our team.


“Building a house may be seemingly simple but is actually a formidable task for first home owners.  We tend to get carried away and make expensive decisions. I’m glad we found a single team to manage the design, construction and budgeting process. We received support from Jiva for every aspect of execution, including interiors and furnishing as well”

Vasudev Naidu, VP, Infosys

Rashmi Venugopal, Engineering Manager, State Street Bank

We collaborate with the best brands

Quality construction through trusted collaborations.

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Value through Design

We strive to create value through a meticulous design process, with emphasis on function and aesthetics. Efficient floor plans, functional spaces, and maintenance free material selections are just a few of the ways we can add value to the process of building your dream home

Honest & Transparent Pricing

One of the most important aspects of home construction is to arrive at a transparent and detailed pricing model which proves to be a win-win for both the builder and the home owner. We believe in giving our clients pricing information and budget planning upfront before the start of construction work at site

Quality not an option !

As a professional builder, we not only take pride in creating high-quality homes, but also in making sure that our homebuyers experience quality and understand the difference it makes. Good construction quality requires an in depth understanding of civil engineering fundamentals and architectural detailing

Post Handover Support

A builder’s responsibility extends beyond the handover of the constructed home.We take pride in a long term relationship with all our clients and do our best to ensure smooth handing of snags and defects

  • There are so many package home companies online. What is different about Jiva?
    We believe that home building is an art and craft by itself. Most of these companies are ambitious start-ups with limited experience in home building. They hire freelance designers and outsource the execution work to the cheapest contractors. We believe that home building is a specialised field which requires innovative designing and sound construction practices. Our in-house design and execution teams have more than 25 years of crafting homes
  • What are your services?
    We are a one stop design and build company for signature homes. We offer package homes or fully customized homes.
  • What are the benefits of Package homes ?
    Package homes offer a visibility of the overall budget in advance and help to minimize project cost overruns
  • Who should opt for fully customized crafted homes ?
    If you are looking for a signature home which is completely unique, we will first design the entire home and give you a detailed itemized estimate
  • I saw another company online which offers a cheaper price? How is that possible?
    Since a house construction estimate is so complex, people package it cleverly to attract customers at a seemingly lower price. Lot of hidden costs and additional works lead to a significant budget overrun at the end of the project. We believe in great quality at honest and transparent prices.
  • How do I get started with Jiva ?
    Schedule a consultation session to discuss your requirements and provide you with an outline estimate. Our team will work closely work with you and help you to craft your dream home.
  • What are the payment schedules like?
    Payments terms are linked to progress of construction, evenly spread across construction period.
  • How long does a typical project take?
    The duration of a project depends on the scope of work and the size of the project. We work with clients to establish realistic timelines and ensure that the project is completed within the agreed timeline.
  • Will Jiva help me with approvals and Liaison work?
    Yes we offer complete assistance for approvals like Sanction plans, Power connections, water connections, etc..
  • What if the material prices increase during the construction phase?
    Our construction professionals absorb up to 5% of the material price changes. If there are abnormal material prices increase, we will substantiate and request you to bear the escalation
  • How do you ensure construction quality ?
    We have our own system consisting of material testing and customised quality control checklist. Our experienced in-house team of Architects and engineers monitor the quality of materials and workmanship closely throughout the project.
  • How can you assure on time project completion?
    Through proper planning and scheduling, we have been able to deliver projects consistently without delays.
  • What warranty do you offer ?
    Construction defects like leakages for all five years. Wires will be changed if damaged (except due to overload), MCBs/ELCBs will be replaced in case these are malfunctioning. Bathroom taps, flush valves and sanitary ware will be rectified where dripping, subject to parameters of normal wear and tear. Plumbing Leakages caused owing to incidental construction faults will be rectified. Door Handles/locks that are not operating properly will be rectified or replaced. Termite attack on door frames/doors. Bearings will be replaced in case of problems in sliding windows within one year of possession.
  • What about Vaastu compliance?
    We incorporate the cardinal points of Vaastu Shastra into our designs.
  • Can you take up interior works
    Yes , we offer customised interior fit out works based on the clients requirements and budget.
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