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 It's still considered an artistic pursuit.

Jiva Homes has been crafting exceptional living spaces since 1996. With a passion for creating homes that are both sustainable and stunning, Jiva has become a specialist in building signature homes. 

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Its not just a house, its a signature home.

Through careful design and planning we strive to create meaningful spaces that are full of life.


Tailored Family spaces

Personalized Perfection: Where Homes are Masterfully Crafted Around Your Loved Ones.


Experience a Worry Free Construction with Jiva Crafted home

"Experience the joy of hassle-free construction with Jiva Crafted Homes - Building homes that reflect your vision, one brick at a time."


Harmony with Nature, Homes Blended

Where Serene Living and Nature Unite.


Delight in a premium bathing

Designed in a way to indulge in pure luxury, where every bath becomes a cherished escape.



Experience homes thoughtfully designed with the ancient principles of Vaastu Shastra, creating a harmonious environment that promotes prosperity and positive energy in every living space

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Classic meets Contemporary

Bridging the gap between tradition and modern design


Ageless Designs

Experience the captivating charm of ageless designs, blending timeless elegance with enduring style for a truly timeless living environment.

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Creating Inspiring Spaces that
e Artistry and Architecture.

We seamlessly blend artistry and architecture to create breathtaking spaces that inspire and captivate, showcasing the limitless potential of human creativity and the transformative impact it can have on our built environment.

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